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Looking Back at Stock Picks and the Importance of Data Analytics

This past year I analyzed, valued and recommended nearly 300 companies for investors with my column at the Motley Fool. I know personally that I have a knack for valuing companies and finding great investment opportunities. But I don’t really have any data to support this claim. If it can’t be proved, it might as […]


The Most Important Word in Serving Your Customers

Vulnerable. Just be vulnerable. This isn’t what you expect to hear when it comes to customer service, sales or running your business in general. This is especially true of professional services – my particular industry. Most people think they should be the expert, in control or the polished salesperson. Instead be vulnerable to your customers. […]

Skills and the 8 Stages of Business Development

After being a part of Fortune 15, middle market and growing companies, I found that there are 8 general stages that a company goes through. Companies go through these stages in order, but the time spent in each stage varies. The stages are: Idea Stage Feasibility Stage Development Stage Planning Stage Launch Stage Growth Stage […]


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